Ahtahkakoop Cree Nation

"Let us not think of Ourselves, but of Our Children's Children."


To be a leader in Governance, Administration and Economic Development using the guiding principle of Chief Ahtahkakoop:

"Let us not think of Ourselves, but of Our Children's Children." (Chief Ahtahkakoop, 1876)

Jaycelyn Begon  Director of Administration & Finance

Jaycelyn Begon
Director of Administration & Finance

Administration & finance

Business Focus

The Administration and Finance Department’s focus is to provide accurate financial information, as well as provide financial and operational transparency and accountability. These obligations are met by working as a team in an effective and efficient manner that allows us to reach peak performance and meet the needs of our band members and related agencies.

2018-2019 Results

  • Unqualified audit.

  • Hired MeyersNorrisPenny to conduct a finance workshop for all department heads. This was held in October of 2018.

  • Researched existing ACCPAC software that will allow for approval of invoices through email and the automatic input of the majority of the information from an invoice. Manual input will still be needed for part of the transaction, for example, coding will need to be entered by the accounts payable clerk.

  • Researched attendance software that will involve employees clocking in and out with their fingerprint in order to decrease the manual workload of the receptionist and payroll employees.

  • Prior Band Administrator prepared all of the preliminary information that was needed in order to enter into the 10 year grant agreement with Indigenous Services Canada and were approved for the grant for the 2019-2020 fiscal year.

  • The RCMP station was completed and further work was done on the water treatment plant, roads and school addition projects.

2019-2020 Objectives

  • Continue to help department heads improve their knowledge in the area of finance so that they can better run and monitor their department budgets.

  • Continue to research technology that may help improve the efficiency and accuracy of financial information.

  • We’ve been approved through Professional & Institutional Development to purchase and implement the new attendance software that was researched last fiscal year. We’re in the process of determining the capabilities that we want from the software and will be implementing it as soon as we can.

  • Request that Stonefield conduct a demo of the existing ACCPAC software for automatic approval and entry of invoices. Finance staff and department heads will be invited to attend this in order to determine if it suits our needs.

  • Continue to review and update the social media policy, Personnel Management Act, Conflict of Interest Policy, Drug Testing Policy and Financial Management Act.

  • Continue to work on various projects for community development (ie - water treatment plant, roads, school feasibility projects).