Ahtahkakoop Cree Nation

"Let us not think of Ourselves, but of Our Children's Children."


To be a leader in Governance, Administration and Economic Development using the guiding principle of Chief Ahtahkakoop:

"Let us not think of Ourselves, but of Our Children's Children." (Chief Ahtahkakoop, 1876)

Ahtahkakoop Child & Family Services inc.

Vision Statement

Strong, prosperous families and community with safe and healthy children

Mission Statement

To ensure the well-being of our children and families by providing protective and preventative support services.

Business Focus

ACFS priority for the upcoming year is to maintain the unity of families of the Ahtahkakoop Cree Nation. To work collaboratively with the essential services within the community to implement programming based on community needs to ensure that the families are provided with the support services to establish a supportive preventative program. The Family Enhancement Program will provide healing initiatives in a coordinated effort to establish an effective preventative program so children will remain in the home. The Family Enhancement Program will provide healing initiatives in a coordinated effort with community to determine client's needs and provide the services and supports for in-home care. The mandate is the protection and safety of the children of the Ahtahkakoop Cree Nation and supersedes any on-going support services if the overall plan is compromised.

2016-2017 Results

  • Community partnerships and engagement: ACFS continues to provide activities throughout the year as part of community participation and to promote wellness. Some of these activities have included the family festival, Natural Parent's Camp, Care-giver's Retreat, and Healthy Relationships Workshop. ACFS also works collaboratively with Ahtahkakoop's various departments through inter-agency meetings to provide a coordinated effort for all programs provided throughout the year. 
  • Human Resources: ACFS has experienced some changes in staff due to various reasons but has ensured continuity in service delivery by hiring qualified staff to provide support and address the needs of the community. ACFS is fully staffed, therefore can better meet the needs of the community by offering a full complement of child welfare services. ACFS continues to provide quality assurance in service deliver in all aspects of child welfare and support services to the community by ensuring relevant and up-to-date training for staff.
  • Foster Parenting Program: ACFS continues to deliver training for foster parents with the PRIDE and CORE modules training as well as the Cultural Curriculum and will be training in the new digital "Caring for Aboriginal Children" module as needed. ACFS strives to ensure that our children are placed within their family system wherever possible or with band members and have culturally relevant training and are well equipped and supported to look after the needs of the children of Ahtahkakoop.
  • ACFS continues to work towards the goal of implementing a database system which will enable the Agency to have access to accurate data to ensure better service delivery and relevant support services.


  • ACFS will ensure the mandate is upheld to keep children, youth and families safe and protected.
  • ACFS will provide a coordinated enhanced preventative service to on-reserve children and families.
  • ACFS will continue to strive for excellence in the Human Resources department by continuing to train in order to enhance the skills and professional abilities of staff will be ongoing as the need arises.
  • ACFS will promote community partnerships that will engage community participation and strategies in conjunction with the various departments with activities/events/workshops celebrated throughout the year.
  • ACFS will continue to provide timely, transparent and accountable program reports and financial reports.
  • ACFS is actively working on establishing a database, IT system to enable tracking and performance measures related to client specific activities.
  • ACFS will facilitate continuous improvement in financial sustainability in the new program and initiatives throughout the year.
  • ACFS will continue to increase and promote cultural practices and programming for all clientele and community members in Ahtahkakoop.
  • ACFS has updated policies; Human Resources, Financial Management, Occupational Health and Safety, and are currently working towards implementation and approval with the overall goal of accreditation.