Ahtahkakoop Cree Nation

"Let us not think of Ourselves, but of Our Children's Children."


To be a leader in Governance, Administration and Economic Development using the guiding principle of Chief Ahtahkakoop:

"Let us not think of Ourselves, but of Our Children's Children." (Chief Ahtahkakoop, 1876)

Evan Williams  Housing Coordinator

Evan Williams
Housing Coordinator

Housing & cmhc

Business Focus

The Ahtahkakoop Cree Nation will provide affordable, adequate housing for it's members in a manner that meets inspection and safety requirements including structural, fire, health and safety standards. The Ahtahkakoop Cree Nation Housing Team will deliver the Housing Program to all of it's members in a manner that is unbiased and transparent.

2016-2017 Results

  • Completed remaining infiltrator systems from the last 3 phases (10 units).
  • Completed outstanding RRAP projects from the previous year (23 units).
  • Completed outstanding Retrofit Renovations from the previous year (6 units).

Short-Term Objectives

  • Continue to develop and adopt a Housing Policy Manual.
  • Update, ratify and communicate the current Housing Policy to reflect current housing challenges and demands (ongoing).
  • Revise the current Housing/O&M Database.
  • Communicate responsibilities to home owners/tenants through workshops (ongoing).
  • Educate home owners/tenants on proper home maintenance procedures through workshops (ongoing).
  • Facilitate Board Governance Training (ongoing).
  • Complete 6 new CMHC housing units (6 new, 2 burn rebuilds).

Long-Term Objectives

  • Implement and monitor the home ownership program.
  • Explore global insurance options for Capital Housing.
  • Develop a five-year plan to replace or upgrade our aging septic system (ongoing; now into our 3rd year.