Ahtahkakoop Cree Nation

"Let us not think of Ourselves, but of Our Children's Children."


To be a leader in Governance, Administration and Economic Development using the guiding principle of Chief Ahtahkakoop:

"Let us not think of Ourselves, but of Our Children's Children." (Chief Ahtahkakoop, 1876)

Ronald C. Ahenakew  Director of Public Works

Ronald C. Ahenakew
Director of Public Works

public works

Business Focus

The Public Works Team will facilitate it’s mandate in the planning, construction, operation and maintenance of community facilities. The team is responsible for the operation and maintenance of all community owned facilities including building and grounds maintenance, cleaning and security services. Public Works is responsible for schools, dams, pipelines, water, sewer, roadways, signage and bridges.

2018-2019 Results

  • Secured funding for the Fire Suppression Program.

  • Ensured Human Resources Compliance.

  • Ensured Health and Safety standards are being adhered to.

  • Proper clean-up of Solid Waste Transfer Station.

  • Setup of voluntary fire department.

  • Strict accountability for Public Works Employees.

  • Completed water line to the old village.

  • Secured additional funding to sustain the new Fire Hall.

  • Preventative measures put in place for anticipation of prevention (i.e. flooding, fires, etc.).

Short-Term Objectives

  • Compile accurate statistics for regular review and monitoring by the Operations & Maintenance Committee (ongoing).

  • Proper road maintenance before “freeze up”.

  • Develop a Housing Maintenance and Inventory Database (ongoing).

  • Proper operation of a Fire Chief and a voluntary fire department including a human resources policy and procedures manual (ongoing).

  • Complete new Water Treatment Plant project (ongoing).

  • Ensure completion of minor road repairs in bad areas (ongoing).

  • Review the Operations and Maintenance Personnel Management Act.

  • Secure funding for an additional 2 water trucks and 1 sewer truck.

  • Develop partnership with the University of Saskatchewan for a data and information management system.

  • Apply for community infrastructure grants for a band hall renovation and sports grounds repairs.

  • Plan and lobby for funding for cleanup and maintenance of lakes, beaches and rivers.

  • Plan and lobby for funding for reforestation around the lake and other burned out areas.

  • Lobby for funding for school roof repairs.

  • Lobby for funding for road and culvert repairs by the river (water damaged).

  • Lobby for funding for North End Road Repairs.

Long-Term Objectives

  • Public Works will conduct business with enhanced operational transparency and financial accountability.

  • Public Works will improve and enhance it’s Human Resource Excellence by undertaking job evaluation, training and skills certification to ensure the delivery of quality workmanship.

  • Public Works will improve efficiencies in financial accountability and management processes.

  • Public Works will implement Human Resource Excellence strategies in recruitment, retention and succession.

  • Public Works will implement an asset inventory policy and processes including employee compliance requirements.

  • Public Works will present an implementation plan and decision to Chief and Council for the Community Infrastructure Plan.

  • Public Works will strive to work on preventative measures with anticipation of prevention (i.e. flooding, fires, etc.).

  • Public Works will ensure that service equipment is upgraded and repaired to ensure reliable and continuous service is provided to Band Members.

  • Establish minimum standards for contracted employees.

  • Plan and lobby for and secure additional funds to sustain the new Fire Hall and full-time fire crew.

  • Plan and lobby for funding for three road repair projects; Shell Lake Road, Mont Nebo/Bay Area Roads, and Debden Roads.